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WARNING! MICHIGAN 14 DAY LIMIT - If you refused to take a breath, blood or urine test after being arrested for Driving Under the Influence, OWI/OWVI, or another drinking related charge in Michigan, your license may be at risk of being suspended if you do not take appropriate action to demand an administrative hearing within 14 days after your arrest. Get more information about saving your driver's license NOW before it's too late.

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Named National Editor of "Defending Drinking Driversin 2006

Michigan OUIL DUI DWI Drunk Driving Attorney Lawyer Patrick Schultz is a member of America's Top DUI & DWI AttorneysTM for a reason:

He wins Michigan DUI OUIL cases.


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A quote from a transcript, specifically a recent closing argument where the prosecutor said to the jury as follows:

"Mr. Schultz is at the top of the list in attorneys with skill in this particular field; very top. He's the best. You can see why today. He's extremely knowledgeable, very articulate, and very well spoken."

Letters from Clients

To Patrick Schultz and the Schultz Defense Firm Staff;

I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone involved in my case. I knew that when I had gotten in trouble while in Michigan and considering my situation back in Illinois that I was going to need the best attorney that was available. I had done quite a bit of research before choosing and I feel that I chose the best that is out there. All the places I had called were reluctant to take the case because it was to far, but that was not a problem with your firm. Anytime I had any question's regarding the case it was never a problem to pick up the phone and give you a call and get the answer's I was looking for. I felt that you and your staff have done a very thorough job in researching my case and considering the consequences of the way that it first started, I feel that we recieved the best possible outcome. The only way I could have been happier would to not have gotten into trouble in the first place. It has been a pleasure working with you throughout this scary ordeal and again I would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to everyone that took part in my case. Your firm will come highly recommended from me if there is anyone I know that would need help in any type of alcohol related issues (in Michigan of course). In closing, I apprieciate all the time and effort put forth from all of you and once again Thanks to you all.

T. A.

Dear Patrick (Schultz Defense Firm Manager),

When I spoke to you the night after my arrest, you gave me a lot reason for hope.Yesterday, at the arraignment, Mike had my charges reduced to careless driving. I want to thank you and Bridget and Patrick and especially Mike for everything. I feel like my life has been saved. The $6800 I spent to retain your firm is the best value I have ever gotten for my money. Thank you.


I can't even begin to express how greatful I am for your expedient nature and professionalism.  I am honestly at awe by it.

Sincerly, PMK

I felt Mr. Schultz and his team of professionals were absolutely the best defense I could ask for in determining how to best approach my OWI arrest.  I never doubted for a second Mr. Schultz's abilities, knowledge or expertise when it comes to drinking and driving offenses.

Given the circumstances of my case, I feel I received the best possible outcome due to Mr. Schultz, Mr. Bucholtz and Mr. Thielan’s understanding of my case, interpreting the law for me, and helping me decide what my options were.  Because of Mr. Schultz I know I received a better plea than I would have gotten with less knowledgeable or aggressive attorney.

Because of Mr. Schultz I can continue to drive which I depend on for my living.

With Sincere Gratitude,

M. S.

Should I Find a “Local” Lawyer to Represent Me in My Michigan Drunk Driving (DUI) Case?

Response: There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring "local" counsel.  The advantage of course is that presumably the local lawyer will know his or her "way around the courthouse" better than an "out-county" lawyer.  Such familiarity will help you feel at ease because you'll see (hopefully) the court staff responding positively to your attorney.  It will also help you feel at ease when the judge greets your lawyer warmly by name.  Finally, having "connections" or being known locally can help in the negotiation process, particularly when it comes down to plea and/or sentence bargaining.  Otherwise, with few exceptions, there are uniform rules of procedure that apply to all lawyers, judges and attorneys, and these do not change from location to location.

There are also some potential negatives to hiring a well known Eau Claire criminal defense attorney because these lawyers are sometimes will be less willing to "make waves" or "push the envelope" when defending your case. Instead such a lawyer may want to make the judge like him or her by helping the judge "move the docket" meaning by persuading the client to plead guilty even when it may not be in the client's best interest.  In these cases the lawyer is really more concerned about his or her own well being than that of the client.

In my view you don't want someone who knows the judge really well, you want someone who knows the law really well, and this is why you want the best lawyer you can afford.  Properly and effectively defending alcohol related crimes requires a huge amount of specialized knowledge, and often means doing things that are creative or unorthodox, the kind of things judges may view as a waste of time.  Truth be told, there are judges that view trial, or any other kind of contested hearing, (any kind of a defense really) as a big waste of time.  These judges are, like the attorneys that share their court rooms, simply self-interested.  The only person who will be genuinely interested in the outcome of your case will be an attorney who is completely "independent" of the system, and whose self interest is in winning cases not making or being friends with the judge.

At the Schultz Defense Firm we spend huge sums of time, effort and frankly money to maintain the highest level of continuing education.  Very few lawyers or law firms can devote such resources to this endeavor, and this includes all the time I spend personally in writing about the law. The books and articles I have written and continue to write are intended to help educate other lawyers and the general public about all the many facets of defending alcohol related crimes.  The bottom line is that this type of specialized knowledge helps the Schultz Defense Firm defend and win these cases. No one in Michigan knows more ways to win a DUI case than we do.

Our office is located in Birmingham, Oakland County Michigan, but I recommend that you find the best lawyer you can afford, regardless of location.  You should be also be aware however that although we do not charge extra for travel, our fees are already much higher than many other lawyers.  This is particularly true in smaller communities where local lawyer may charge fees that are many times lower than ours.

My suggestion is that you interview different lawyers, and when comparing fees make sure you compare "apples with apples,” After doing so, decide who has the type of training, knowledge and desire to aggressively and appropriately represent you in your case. Keep in mind however that the best lawyers consistently get the best results, and at the Schultz Defense Firm, results and winning is what we’re all about.